About us


About us

Inspired by the quick pace and modern look of New York City, Lime & Soda’s designers set out to create versatile, practical and trendy accessories we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

The Lime & Soda Bag is a stylish, modern handbag designed to make your life easier.

Choose from a wide selection of colors and materials that you can mix-and-match in multiple combinations, for a different ideal handbag no matter what your day brings!

Made of strong EVA foam rubber, the Lime & Soda Bag is lightweight, waterproof and feels great to the touch.

Women aren’t all the same, and thank goodness for that! They have their our own taste in fashion, and know the items and colors that suits them the best- the ones that fit and flatter.

These days women choose to craft a fresh look when it comes to casual days, which does not mean that it’s not possible to exude chic from tip to toe. Picking the perfect accessory is the key ingredient to polishing the whole look.

A fashionable woman is also a smart woman. Embrace modern femininity and confidence with a Lime & Soda bag!